Pearland Texas | PROS and CONS | Everything you need to know about Pearland Texas (2023)


This video discusses all the pros and all the cons of living in Pearland Texas. Pearland Texas is downtown Houston's closest suburb outside of the loop. It sits directly south of Houston, and is a very nice bedroom community for those needing close proximity to downtown or the med center. With convenient access to Hobby airport, it's also a great location for the frequent traveler. Pearland Texas has all the amenities one could ask for in a suburb. It contains tons of nice restaurants and shopping areas, as well as all of your other modern day conveniences. It also has some of the more affordable housing options for a Houston suburb. Check out what we think of Pearland!

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So you're thinking about moving right here to Pearland Texas, well, in today's video, we're going to tell you all the pros and all the cons of living right here in Pearland and we're, not going to hold back we're going to do what we always do and we're going to be honest and tell you what you need to know in case, you are thinking of moving here, we're going to walk you through some of the reasons you might not want to live here.

And then as always we're going to touch on all the Hot Topics we're going to touch on the schools, the amenities and the housing right here in Pearland Texas so let's get after it right now.


So we're gonna dive straight into the pros and cons of living right here in Pearland.

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Now, my name is Kyler, Ferris, I'm, Mike Gorman.

And we run the living in Houston Texas team.

And we get calls texts and emails every single day from people just like you trying to figure out if Pearland or any other Houston suburbs are the right fit for them and their families.

So if that is, you don't be shy, give us a call shoot us.

A text send us a quick email.

We would love to help.

You make a smooth move right here to Houston so we're, not going to hold back today.

We want to give you not just all the good things about Pearland.

We want to give you the cons, maybe some reasons as to why you shouldn't live here, because every suburb is not for everybody and so I'll.

Let Mike kick it off with what do you think of the uh, the biggest Pro here in Pearland is yeah.

So the biggest Pro in Pearland is definitely going to be location.

Yep, when you look at other suburbs around the Houston area, one thing you'll notice is the commute to downtown is going to be anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.

Pearland is situated just 20 minutes south to downtown.

And so it's, really your best opportunity to get affordable living have a yard have a regular house and still be within 20 minutes of downtown.

Whereas your only other options really is to live in the East downtown or the heights, yeah, where they have to build up there and you're, not really blessed with the yard up in those areas unless you're in this probably seven eight hundred thousand price range.


So Pearland is going to be the closest suburb.

So if you don't want to be in the urban kind of dense living space, you want that yard, then then like Mike said, I mean, the Woodlands is about 45 minutes with no traffic to downtown and there's, always traffic you're, looking Katie's similar.

Yeah, about an hour.

Sometimes during the high popular areas, yeah.

And then I would say two, one thing that's, really nice about Pearland so it's, directly, south of downtown it's also directly south of the med center.

And so we see a lot of people that work in the medical field that have to be within a certain commute to the med center center, it's, a requirement by their jobs.

They choose Pearland because it's, really their only option I I sold a home to some clients that their job required them to be within 20 minutes, they're exactly 20 minutes.

They get to live here in Pearland.

And all these other suburbs, wouldn't be an option.

So really good choice for them what else on location.

So also location, you're closer to the to the coast.

So you can be down in Galveston in about 45 minutes, whereas for me and Katie it's, a solid two-hour Drive, sometimes that's, the difference between a day trip and no day trip exactly and then speaking of day trips.

So like if you're just going to a Texans game or an Astros game, if you're in some of these other suburbs, that's a whole day day trip like you said, yeah, whereas here in Pearland, if you can just scoot over there in 20 minutes, uh, catch a game, be home before it's even dark.

Yeah, I want to save it.

I mean, I like to say that I would probably go to more games if I I wasn't quite as far out of Houston, uh, I do feel like that would be a huge Pro to living here in Pearland is everything's a little bit more approachable, I mean, it really cuts it in half.


And a highway 288 I just came from downtown.

And it was there was no traffic.

In fact, there's, uh, there's, two, big, HOV lanes.

Now this airplane noise is making me think of one other thing, too.

So one other great thing about the location here in Pearland is going to be its proximity to Hobby Airport.

So you're, really about 15 minutes from the airport here and so it's, a straight shot over.

So if you are going to be commuting, Southwest has their Hub there.

And so we we both you're a Southwest lover, we're, both Southwest lovers.

So Delta and American I believe also fly out of there and hobbies is going to be the smaller airport.

So if you have the choice, uh, it's, actually way more convenient I, actually just dropped somebody off at the airport before this video at Bush and there's, just so much construction and everything going on over there.

It was a night nightmare.

So, yeah, so if you travel a lot, and you have the option of who to fly with hobby is a great airport to be near one other Pro to the location I would say, too is just going to be the suburbs here on the south side of Houston, all kind of butt up next to each other.

And so even though I mean, if you look around, if you haven't already, go watch our Vlog of Pearland, we really show you all the shopping and all the amenities here you don't need to leave Pearland to go find other amenities.

But if you get bored of this shopping area, and you want to go head over to Friendswood like Baybrook Mall or or the Town Center over or the city center over in Sugar, Land, uh, it's, really not that far of a drive so you're kind of in between two other really good suburbs.

So to use everyone's amenities, basically, yeah, okay, uh.

What would you say that the cons are going to be to Pearland? The con biggest con would be the lack of new construction options.

Um pearland's, basically, built out.

Yep, if you want new construction, you got to go a little South like in the Manville there's, some great neighborhoods down there.

But overall in Pearland, maybe, uh, you might see people rebuilding on Lots, but you're, not going to see any like fully new construction neighborhoods like you would in some of these other suburbs.

Yeah, that was that was one thing when when we were looking with my clients, we had to go down to Manville to get new construction, which isn't that far I mean, it's, literally like three exits from here.

So, uh, it's, not bad.

They've got some really nice master playing communities there, but you're not going to be like technically in the middle of Pearland.

Now one thing that Pearland does have though is it does have some really nice established Master playing communities that were built 15 20 years ago.

And so as long as you're, okay with a resale home, that's, a really nice touch.

And then you had mentioned something earlier when we were talking about this about the the housing prices here.


So there is a very small discount here living here as compared to some of these other suburbs, I think I did the math on the last 30 days, it's about ten dollars per square foot.

So if you're buying a 3 000 square foot, home, it's, probably going to be around thirty thousand dollars cheaper here than it would be up in the Woodlands of Cyprus or Katie, yeah.

And you're still getting, you know, a comparable amount of amenities you're closer to downtown, absolutely, um, one con to one more con to the location, uh.

And this one's, not a big.

One you're, like we said, you're, 45 minutes away from Galveston.

So you're, definitely not right on the coast, um, you know, but anything on the south side of the Houston.

Obviously, the closer you are to the coast.

If we ever do get hit with a big hurricane, uh, there could be, you know, some some more damage on the South Side than the North side that being said, a lot of the Hurricanes that hit the Houston area other than right along.

You know, Galveston Island.

Most of the damage is rain it's flooding.

You know, if you heard about hurricane Harvey at the end of 2017, there wasn't a lot of wind damage, but there was billions of dollars in flooding damage because it just it hung out and flooded.

So overall Pearland actually, didn't get hit as bad as a lot of the other suburbs.

But just know, I think if you're south of I-10, your insurance premiums a little bit higher.

Yeah, so you know, but it's, nothing, crazy, maybe 100 bucks, um, not not too nothing to keep you from from living here, but something to know, yep.

Another Pro, here would probably be the schools.

Yeah, we don't get into much on the school ratings.

But if you go to and look up Pearland you're going to see a lot of a ratings, yeah, which is very important to a lot of families moving to this area.

And just to clarify.

The reason we don't dive too much into schools is because there are rules as Realtors, um as to steering clients, the wrong direction.

So we like to provide you with the right resources, uh, everybody has their own opinion of what good schools are.

We find that a lot of our out-of-state clients where they're moving from public schools, aren't even an option that's, not the case here, we're, usually comparing I mean, the worst schools we're looking at in all of the suburbs that we cover are like I don't even know if we've seen any c, pluses I'd say, everything like a B, minus would so you're, yeah, you're comparing like bees to A's.

So overall great Public, Schools, there's, also, private school options here as well and all throughout the Houston area.

Uh, one pro I would say in Pearland, Pearland I would say is like a slightly above medium-sized suburb.

You know, I would say it.

It it's got all the things you would need here as far as shopping.

Yeah, I would say like the woodlands out does it a little bit more in shopping Katie? Probably out? Does it a little bit more? Maybe somewhere in the Cypress range? Uh, as far as you know, overall amenities, go.

So uh, there's, definitely no shortage.

Here, I would say not a pro not a con everything you would come to expect.

The other thing that I like about Pearland is even though it's built out there's, not a lot of new construction.

All of the actual like commercial spaces are clean.


Newer feeling, there's, not power lines hanging everywhere, it's, aesthetically, pleasing we're actually out at the Town Center we're on a little Turf area, they're setting up Christmas behind us.

So, um, so that's, the other thing there's plenty to do up here, too.

They've got like town events up here.

So yeah, um one of those in our Vlog one other con, of course, you're going to hear this in any suburb really is with the amount of people that have been moving here.

There is a lot more traffic in the town area.

So pack your patients.


Guess if you're planning on if you're planning on moving to Pearland area, yeah, but you're going to hear that anywhere, yeah, that's, not a con specific to Pearland by any means, uh, what else that's? The majority of any big cons, they need to know about not really I mean.

It all kind of just comes down to where you want to live proximity.

Wise, yeah, you're going to see very similar Builders, very similar neighborhoods in all our suburbs.

Yeah, there's there's, little it's.

The nuances that are what make all the the difference.


So and who you want to live next to if you have people that you're friends with or family here, how far do you want to commute from them? How far do you want to commute to your job? That's that's? What it comes down to one other thing, I'll say, the geography down here is going to be different than the North side of Houston so you're in the coastal plains.

Here, it's all flat, uh, not a ton of pine trees on this side of Houston, you're still going to have your Hardwoods there's, still trees.

In fact, unfortunately, there was a freeze.

They had to cut them all down, but you're actually close enough to the coast where like palm trees are kind of more prevalent down here, but uh, but it's.

Not till you get in the northern suburbs like the woodlands or Conroe or Montgomery or Tomball, where you start to end up in like a Pine Forest, it changes completely.

So that is a little Nuance that that makes a difference.

Some people prefer that some people, uh, you know, right now is the time of year where all the pine needles fall.

And you have a pool.

My pool is full of pine needles and my wife's upset.

So you know, nuances tough life.

So uh, I think that wraps it up I I, you know, if you have any more questions, we'd love to dive in uh, whenever you reach out to us, we immediately have one of our team members that works in the area that you're looking in contact.

You answer all of your questions, get you set up on your home search that way we can help you make a smooth move here to Houston Texas.

So if that is you like, we say, don't, be shy.

Give us a call shoot us.

A text send us an email, and we will get you here.


Thanks for watching go check out.

Some of our other videos, we'll see you in the next one foreign.


Is Pearland TX a good place to live? ›

Pearland is a suburb of Houston with a population of 122,609. Pearland is in Brazoria County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Pearland offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Pearland there are a lot of parks.

What are the benefits of living in Pearland TX? ›

Ranked as one of the safest cities in Texas, Pearland residents know their families are safe and secure in the community and surrounding areas. Incredible cost of living and easy access to Houston's world-class cultural amenities, professional sports, and attractions make Pearland the perfect fit.

What is Pearland Texas known for? ›

Pearland is defined by a rich heritage with its inception dating back to 1894. The city showcases a few historic sites that speak to Pearland's legacy including the pivotal Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe railroad depot and the Old Settler's Cemetery.

What is unique about Pearland? ›

Pearland was established in 1894 and known for its figs and pears. The famous thing about this city is the fruit from which it takes its name. It was so many named due to the large measure of pear trees in the region.

Does it flood in Pearland TX? ›

Pearland's Flood Plains

During heavy rains, slow drainage has been known to cause flooded roads, local ponding, and/or overflowing ditches. Our worse and most frequent flooding occurs along Clear Creek, but other waterways also rise out of their banks and can flood homes.

Is Pearland Texas in a flood zone? ›

The City has a Class 6 rating, residents that live within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), also known as the 100-year floodplain can receive up to a 20% discount on their flood insurance premium.

How much is property tax in Pearland? ›

Your Property Tax Rate
Taxable Value Summary
Tax Year 2021Tax Year 2022
Taxing EntityRate% of Total Amount
Alvin Independent School District1.397742.7%
City of Pearland0.701420.6%
14 more rows

How much are property taxes in Pearland Texas? ›

Pearland property taxes per capita are higher than peer Texas cities. Pearland per capita property taxes grew from $ 270/ person to $ 728/ person between 2002 and 2021, a 170% increase.

What are the taxes in Pearland Texas? ›

What is the sales tax rate in Pearland, Texas? The minimum combined 2023 sales tax rate for Pearland, Texas is 8.25%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Texas sales tax rate is currently 6.25%.

What is the crime rate in Pearland TX? ›

Roughly similar to the national average, our analysis shows that your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Pearland is one in 926. NeighborhoodScout's analysis also reveals that Pearland's rate for property crime is 15 per one thousand population.

What is the richest area in Houston? ›

The richest neighborhood in Houston is River Oaks. Located on the city's west side near Memorial Park, this area is known as a wealthy community filled with first-class excellence. From the majestic oak trees lining its streets to the exciting local eateries and social clubs, River Oaks is ideal for luxury living.

Did Pearland flood during Harvey? ›

Hurricane Harvey brought historic flooding to Pearland, Friendswood and Brookside Village, as documented by residents of the area.

What City in Texas has the most floods? ›

Austin lies in the heart of 'flash flood alley', where there is a higher potential for flooding than in any other region of the U.S. Central Texas has rocky, clay-rich soil and steep terrain that makes this area uniquely vulnerable to major flooding.

How do I know if my house is in a flood zone Texas? ›

You can look this up on FloodPro, an online tool that shows floodplain maps, models, rainfall amounts, elevation certificates and floodplain map revision information. Questions? Call 512-974-2843 or send an email.

What areas in Texas do not flood? ›

Neighborhoods Less Prone to Flooding
  • Briargrove. Located just right outside the 610 Loop, Briargrove offers a suburban community feel and a close proximity to the greater Houston Metropolitan area. ...
  • Houston Heights. ...
  • Rice Military. ...
  • East Downtown. ...
  • Afton Oaks.
Nov 10, 2021

How much property tax should I pay in Texas? ›

Texas has no state property tax.

How much are property taxes in Texas a month? ›

Texas Property Taxes

Property taxes in Texas are the seventh-highest in the U.S., as the average effective property tax rate in the Lone Star State is 1.60%. Compare that to the national average, which currently stands at 0.99%. The typical Texas homeowner pays $3,797 annually in property taxes.

Where are property taxes cheaper in Texas? ›

Longview, about 130 miles east of Dallas, had the lowest property taxes in the state: Residents there paid an average of $2,084 a year on a typical home worth $201,036 in 2021, according to ATTOM's data. The effective tax rate was 1.04%.

Why are Texas property taxes so high? ›

“Property taxes in Texas are so high because that's the price we pay for not having a personal income tax in this state,” Craymer said. State tax systems are usually looked at as a three-legged stool — one leg is property tax, the second leg is sales tax, and the third leg is the personal income tax.

How much is land value tax in Texas? ›

10 percent of the appraised value of the property for the preceding year; the appraised value of the property for the preceding year; and. the market value of all new improvements to the property.

How much is the homestead exemption in Brazoria County? ›

Age and Disability Exemptions: Individuals 65 or older or disabled may qualify for a $10,000 homestead exemption for school taxes, in addition to the $15,000 exemption available to all homeowners.

What county pays the highest taxes in Texas? ›

According to the Tax Foundation, Texas currently has the sixth-highest property tax rate in the country. So where in Texas are the property taxes the highest? According to the Tax Foundation, three counties, Collin County, Fort Bend County and Travis County, have median property taxes that exceed $6,000.

How much do Texans pay tax? ›

If you make $70,000 a year living in Texas you will be taxed $8,168. Your average tax rate is 11.67% and your marginal tax rate is 22%. This marginal tax rate means that your immediate additional income will be taxed at this rate.

What are you taxed in Texas? ›

Texas imposes a 6.25 percent state sales and use tax on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods, as well as taxable services.

What city in Texas has the worst crime rate? ›

Odessa. Odessa makes it to the top of the list as 'the most dangerous city in Texas,' with a significantly higher crime rate than the national average. Known for its oil production and cowboy culture (yeehaw,) Odessa also struggles with widespread poverty, which often leads to criminal activity.

What city in Texas has the lowest crime rate? ›

Which city in Texas has the lowest violent crime rate? Southlake has the lowest violent crime rate on our list.

Is it expensive to live in Pearland? ›

The average cost of living in Pearland is $2028, which is in the top 7% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 649th out of 9294 in our global list, 527th out of 2202 in the United States, and 22nd out of 130 in Texas State.

What is the poorest city in Houston? ›

At $27,500, the 77051 ZIP code — in the Sunnyside neighborhood — has the lowest median income. The ZIP code is 79.4% Black. And in Houston, these racial inequalities also extend to the Hispanic population, which is twice that of whites or Blacks.

What is the poorest neighborhood in Houston? ›

South Main Street is well-known for being impoverished and controlled by crime. The average income of people on Main Street and Murworth Drive is lower than the national average.

What is the #1 wealthiest city in Texas? ›

Highland Park

The richest city in Texas is Highland Park. An upscale area located in central Dallas, this beautiful neighborhood possesses both a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities.

Is Pearland in a drought? ›

City leaders blame continually high water usage combined with the ongoing drought. PEARLAND, Texas — A month after the city of Houston enacted Stage One of its drought plan, Pearland is following its lead.

Where does Pearland TX get their water from? ›

Sources Of Drinking Water in Pearland, Texas

Where does Pearland get its water from? The City of Pearland's water system is supplied by both groundwater and surface water. The City's 10 water wells supply groundwater from the Evangeline and Chicote aquifers.

Where does Pearland get its water? ›

The water wells draw water from the Chico and Evangelist aquifers.

What happened in Pearland TX? ›

Pearland crash: 1 dead in auto-pedestrian crash on SH 288

PEARLAND, Texas - The roadway has reopened after a deadly crash involving a pedestrian on SH 288 in Pearland. The crash occurred shortly after 4 a.m. Wednesday in the southbound mainlanes of SH 288 near Beltway 8.

Is it expensive to live in Pearland TX? ›

The average cost of living in Pearland is $2028, which is in the top 7% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 649th out of 9294 in our global list, 527th out of 2202 in the United States, and 22nd out of 130 in Texas State.

Is Pearland Texas expensive? ›

The cost of living index for housing estimates the cost of housing in Pearland to be 83.7% of the national average.

What is the race and ethnicity in Pearland Texas? ›

Race & Ethnicity

The largest Pearland racial/ethnic groups are White (38.9%) followed by Hispanic (24.6%) and Black (19.3%).

Is water safe to drink in Pearland Texas? ›

Our water supply is part of the Gulf Coast Watershed. To learn more about our watershed on the Internet, go to the U.S. Surf Your Watershed page at While your drinking water meets the U.S. EPA's standard for arsenic, it does contain low levels of arsenic.

Who was the woman found in Pearland Pond? ›

PEARLAND, Texas — The death of Erica Hernandez, a Houston mom who was found in her SUV that was submerged in a Pearland pond, has been ruled as an accidental drowning, according to the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office.

Is Pearland under boil water? ›

At this time Pearland is NOT under a boil water notice. Water Production is monitoring and will provide updates.

What is the minimum wage in Pearland Texas? ›

Pearland, TX minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour.

What part of Texas is the most expensive to live in? ›

An online lender, CashNet USA, collected new data from Zillow confirming that Highland Park is the most expensive place to live in the Lone Star State. The city, which lies about four miles north of Downtown Dallas in central Dallas County, has an average home cost of just above $7.3 million.

What part of Texas has the highest cost of living? ›

DALLAS (KDAF) — Have you noticed that everything seems more expensive lately? Well, that's because it is and it turns out the DFW metroplex is the most expensive area in Texas.

What is the average household income in Pearland Texas? ›


Is Houston and Pearland the same? ›

Located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Houston and less than 15 minutes from the Texas Medical Center, Pearland offers the lifestyle of a small town but still provides easy access to the Theater district, and Houston's many fine restaurants.

What are the whitest counties in Texas? ›

Starr County, Texas, near the state's southern tip, is one of the nation's whitest counties.

What is the largest ethnicity in Houston? ›

White alone, percent 46.8%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 22.6%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 0.5%
Asian alone, percent(a) 6.8%
54 more rows

What is the largest ethnicity in Texas? ›

Hispanics are now confirmed as the largest demographic group in Texas with more than 12 million residents, while non-Hispanic white population is estimated to be 11.9 million, according to new data from the Census Bureau.

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