Fun Territory Defense of the Easy-Going Lord ~The Nameless Village Is Made Into the Strongest Fortif (2024)


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Chapter: 1
Author: Mune Akaike
Genre: Fantasy


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One I'll be kicked out at eight.

You are listening at, no Fitness for any attribute of four dot element, Magic I, didn't, backslash, T expect you to get out of my Marquee house that was my father backslash password at the age of eight magical, aptitudes are appraised in this country.

Because in this world, where witchcraft is common, it becomes important who has any kind of Witchcraft aptitude.

The age of eight is conditioned by the fact that when the magic is appraised at an early age when it cannot be controlled, the flowering to aptitude magic is accelerated and tragic accidents have continued in the past by the way there are two kinds of things that nobility requires of you in your magical, aptitude, a four dot element, magic specializing in attacks that protect homes and inhabitants or healing magic that protects homes and inhabitants.

Meanwhile, some sorcery is called Unworthy of nobility, the magic of stealing that takes physical strength, magic and sometimes things away from them the magic of perversion that you create and change your flesh brainwashing magic that uses sound and light to delude and manipulate the target appraisal magic to find out more about things in people, different types of Witchcraft existed, such as puppet witchcraft, manipulating dolls and Corpses and the magic of production, which I was judged fit for was also considered unworthy of the nobility, the magic of production that creates things sometimes called Alchemy.

This magic was basically subtle in what could be made to consume considerable.

Magic most production magicians simply prepare materials, such as iron and copper and use their imagination in their heads to create swords accessories Etc, some invented objects cleverly that had never existed before, but rarely because such things can be done, even by those who are fit for other sorceries magic Talent is useless to inventors and Magic Talent is unnecessary to blacksmiths as well.

Adding them.

They were commonly referred to as the most unusual Sorcerers of production.

Sorcery aptitude has a lot to do with genetics.

If the parents were quaternary magicians.

There is a greater than 50 percent chance that the child will have the same magical aptitude.

Moreover, if grandparents are alike more than 70 percent will be similar magical, aptitudes.

Therefore, the tradition was born that the aristocrats would welcome into their companions.

Those who had the aptitude for four dot element magic for many years.

If all the Clans become users of four dot element, witchcraft, the likelihood of a child having the aptitude for four dot element, witchcraft is closer to a hundred percent.

But the tradition was gradually over dot strengthened.

And it was assumed to be a disgrace to the nobility.

If at last aptitude other than four dot element sorcery and the healing sorcery of the next Point appeared that distorted idea is not so pervasive in the homes of weak Aristocrats and quasi-dot-accompanied knights in the region.

But when it comes to a marquee like the count or our home, it is practiced as if it were the Bible or something my Marquee family is the house of take men.

It was by my martial arts that I allowed my firstio family who were Counts from generation to generation to Marquee that backslash syi married Mira, a fiery sorcerer stronger than the underground Baron backslash s to further sublimate, my fiery sorcery that was a good wife and mother, but she was weak in inverse proportion to the strength of magic.

You backslash ree, the Fourth Man in charge of the next Marquee.

You were the last father Marquis, bull, ADI, firstio said.

So with a bitter look, my mother Mira died.

When I was five, there was also a second and third ladies.

But only my mother had a boy with Wonder.

So my father backslash.

S, disappointment was enormous when my mother died, then the education of the four remaining boys changes to more rigorous and rigorous.

My eldest son Mercia was my maternal grandmother, backslash s, suitability for wind sorcery.

But my second and third Sons had the suitability for flaming sorcery as my father wished Murcia who was 13 years old.

And in the midst of being educated by the Maine Deputy began to be ridiculed by two younger brothers with flaming magical aptitudes seeing the treatment of the second.

And third Sons actually get better Murcia worked harder than anyone else and spared no time to learn while sleeping to become a fine nobleman, even in Parts other than Magic that hard work bore fruit and did not change mercy of backslash s, position as the main proxy, the second and third Sons were in backslash tea funny, but they ended up making fun of Murcia as due to age differences, not abilities in the meantime when I turn eight I will be given a magical aptitude test M.

My father backslash.

S, expectations grew.

Even when I was young and told that I was not normal.

However, the results of the appraisal were the lowest supposedly producing magicians.

My father was greatly discouraged and the second and third sons who were Vigilant were so delighted that they smiled unconsciously and Murcia was sincerely sympathetic it backslash.

S, not even a joke such as the birth of a production magician from the Marquis family, which is going to develop even more then go ahead.

Blocking the words of my father who spoke disturbing words, Mercia, smiles and utter's words that backslash s, right, father.

You had that neighborhood Village a village within the territory of our Marquis family, but unable to develop at all because of its location white on backslash T.

You leave that to van what village without that name.

Why my father was surprised and Mercia nodded with a smile.

Next door is the kingdom of yelleneta.

The other is Count Ferdinand territory, quite a part, the Fortified city of the defensive base exists.

In other words, the value of the village is very rarely used as a camp in the knights backslash Expedition training to the Earl of Ferdinand backslash s, side, Etc, I know that more than a hundred inhabitants originally lived there in that Village.

There are no Specialties and the Wolfsburg mountains to the north are nestled with Mighty Warcraft to gain resources.

It backslash.

S, part of the territory I gained when I marquised the Marquee, but it backslash.

S, also the land where count Ferdinand who took the form of a shredded territory since his nights like harassment from time to time after my father said that blocking Murcia backslash s words.

He just looked up to me and said, he noticed well I get it.

So you backslash ree saying that if you can backslash T, even leave van with the Border Village, their backslash S, no problem, putting the knights right next to count Ferdinand, backslash.

S, house, besides my loyalty to the Marquee is still weak in the newly acquired territory.

If only the Marquee were assigned there in form I, see, you backslash, Ria, Boulder, Mercia, I found a useless use for it to that lesser word, Mercia replies by lowering her head deeply.

Thus, my father commanded me to assume the responsibility of Lord of all the villages on the border.

My father and Second Son, three men who got in a good mood left only me and brother Mercia in the room brother when I called her that Mercia backslash.

S, smile looked as sad as a lie walk right up to me and I backslash LL bow, my head and apologize to you for 10 different years.

I, backslash, M, sorry, I believe van will be a clever and capable nobleman.

Even if there is no such thing as witchcraft so I fathered, such a suggestion, seemingly unscrupulous.

If you resent me, you can resent me, I laughed bitterly at such a clumsy explanation and shook my head left and right.


My brother he helped me, didn't, backslash tihi, because if I stayed that way I could be imprisoned or killed, or in some cases, drained from my tongue and enslaved, even if it backslash S A, desperate situation, I, backslash, LL, never let my brother get away with the opportunity.

He gave me answering that Mercia looked up and looked at me.

Its eyes are wide open again.

Van is a genius.

I wonder, what I think the Marquee is going to see you in pain later when I smiled and said that Murcia looked at me with a serious look.

There may be only a few things we can do.

But let me do the best I can if it backslash? S, any good for van.

Thank you brother replying like that with a smile Murcia laughs like trouble.

Van has been a strange kid for a long time.

I was sensitive to the Finesse of the adult mind about where to learn.

And it seemed like I was thinking things deeper Deacon, esperta, an exclusive made to have been happy to report about van for a long time, Mercia said, so with pleasure and narrowed her eyes in nostalgia, listen to the full novel at direct link in the description.

Fun Territory Defense of the Easy-Going Lord ~The Nameless Village Is Made Into the Strongest Fortif (2024)
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