10+ Baby Sprinkle Ideas and Planning Guide (2024)

Do you have a family member or friend who’s expecting a bundle of joy—but not for the first time? If so, a baby sprinkle may be the perfect way to celebrate. Baby sprinkles are low-key versions of traditional baby showers, thrown for expectant moms who already have one or more children. The atmosphere is usually laid-back and fun, and gifts aren’t the focus. Rather, more practical gifts like diapers, onesies and bathroom essentials are given. Instead of “showering” the mom-to-be, it’s a chance to “sprinkle” her with love, great company and plenty of support.

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Planning a Baby Sprinkle

Casual and often kid-friendly, baby sprinkles welcome guests to celebrate the upcoming addition in their lives. For everything you need to know about throwing a baby sprinkle, follow our step-by-step guide and then browse our baby sprinkle invitations to kickstart the planning.

1. Choose a date, time and location

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Set the stage for an unforgettable celebration by getting the details in order. Talk with the most important person, the mom-to-be, to find out about dates and times that work best. Make sure it’s at least two months before her due date so that she can fully enjoy the festivities. Baby sprinkles typically only last a couple of hours, so if you’d rather not pick a start and end time, design it with an “open house” style, where guests can come and go at any time. When it comes to location, make sure there’s ample room for children, as older siblings and guests’ kids usually join their parents at sprinkles.

2. Choose a theme

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Framing your party builds cohesion and excitement for your guests. Themes also make it easier to design invites, decorations and food menus. Or, choose anothertheme with endless decor options like tea party or outdoor adventure.

3. Make a guest list

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Because baby sprinkles tend to be more close-knit and casual than baby showers, they’re usually a bit smaller as well. Limiting the guest list to close friends and family is a perfect way to have an intimate setting, focused on enjoying company rather than piling on the gifts. Depending on the mom-to-be, you may wish to make it a co-ed gathering, with dads and significant others included. A small breakfast or brunch is an easy way to keep the party cozy.

4. Design and send invites

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Discovering an invitation in the mailbox is always a treat and fun surprise. Design your invite with your theme in mind, and include all the details your guests need to know, like time, date, location and RSVP date. Baby sprinkle etiquette suggests not mentioning a gift registry on the invitation and offering it only when requested. For guests unfamiliar with the concept of a sprinkle, you may wish to introduce the idea on the invite with a phrase like, “Come sprinkle love on Rebecca!” You can also mention that kids and babies are invited and welcomed.

5. Set the menu

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Mesh your menu with the light-hearted feel of a sprinkle by offering healthy snacks, bite-sized treats and tasty desserts. Guests can mingle while they enjoy mini quiches, vegetables and dip, cheese and crackers, nuts and olives or fruit salad. It’s a good idea to select desserts that are easy to eat, like rice krispie treats, fancy chocolates, truffles, or these little cake squares from Do Say Give. Before solidifying your menu, ensure you have kid-friendly options. Consider mini grilled cheeses or quesadilla slices, just to be safe.

6. Bring on the drinks

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To improve party traffic flow, set your beverages in a separate area from the food. Put together a sangria or mimosa bar that incorporates your party’s theme like this display from Ciera Design. Offer virgin options for the expectant mom, but don’t forget about the kids—and the caffeine. Stir up a light punch or lemonade along with options of tea or coffee.

7. Plan the decor:

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Here’s your chance to tie the whole day together. Execute perfect party decor by thinking first about framing your room. Plan what willhang across the walls and what you’ll place in the corners. From there, bring your tables to life with tablecloths and simple centerpieces. Don’t forget to add splashes of decoration to your food and drink serving tables. If you’re hosting the sprinkle at a restaurant or other venue, ensure there’s a sign to direct guests. If it’s hosted at home, tie a ribbon to the mailbox or hang a balloon from the porch.

8. Create games or activities

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With sprinkles, there’s plenty of room for activity creativity. You’re more than welcome to use baby shower games or mix it up with something like decorating onesies with fabric paint and stencils. The Band Wife Blog offers a super easy idea, where the host takes a polaroid photo of each guest. Be sure to also have a craft or game for the kids to play, like a coloring book filled with artwork they can make for the new baby.

9. Set up the kids’ table

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Create a designated “kids’ area” to make the little ones feel special. It will be perfect for the expectant mom with older children and for the kids of family and friends. Ensure the table is at an appropriate height, accompanied by chairs and sippy cups. Lay a paper or plastic covering over the table for quick clean-up.

10. Thank guests with a gift

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With tight schedules and precious weekends, show your genuine appreciation for your guests by offering a small, handmade gift. Candles, trail mix and body scrub are easy options, or design a mini-package that matches your theme like this blue one from Everyday With S and J.

To help you to get started on planning your baby sprinkle and find inspiration for themes, decoration and more, we created a board with 11 ideas from above that embrace the spirit of a baby sprinkle, and will help you with every detail of the day—from decor to drinks to kid-friendly activities.

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10+ Baby Sprinkle Ideas and Planning Guide (2024)
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